LAZYFISH was created collectively by a group of professional surfers and freedivers. While surfers ride waves and divers explore deep in the blue – the two seem different but also share many similarities: they spend most of their time in the sea, waiting for the next rush of excitement.

Within these differences and similarities, LAZYFISH was brainstormed and created. Inspired by the elements of surfboard designs, we’ve created an innovative, flexible material that both sports require.

LAZYFISH is produced with the craftsmanship used to make surfboards combined with the highest technology available in the industry. We’ve applied the characteristics of the material accordingly to different needs, resulting in a pair of fins that anyone can easily and intuitively use.

“Laziness is a sign of intelligence”

We are LAZYFISH, laid-back but never lazy about what we do. It is our hope that everyone can swim in their own way in the deep blue.