Lazyfish Poncho

$ 74.22

Lazyfish Poncho

$ 74.22

WOOCS v.1.3.0
The Minimalism design, light, and high-function fabric enable you to be as comforable as Lazyfish.

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WOOCS v.1.3.0


Lazyfish Poncho is made from Suedette, woven with Fine Denier Nylon and Polyester, being processed into fine and soft lower pile. Manufactured fabrics are featured as light and soft texture, with hygroscopicity, quick-drying, breathable and thermal functions, so you can become dry easily, stay warm, being comfortable and elegant when you are out of water.


Lazyfish is looking forward to bringing customers a light and multi-functional poncho so that you can move onto the shore without feeling wet and heavy weight. The double pockets are designed to accommodate and keep your hands warm. The zipper beside your body is a wide-toothed zipper so that you can decide your own height of split. It can also be pulled open as a beach blanket. The printing uses the high-density heat transfer printing which will not glue off over time, so LAZYFISH's logo will accompany you whenever.


Size Small

104cm short poncho
Designed for women, and it is suitable for girls under 168 cm, and tall girls to highlight their long legs.

Size Medium

116cm long poncho
Designed for men and girls with tall figures, it is suitable for the users above 168cm.

Cleaning Guide

You may use the usual cleaner wash it by hand or put it into washing machine within a laundry bag. When it is covered by dust, use tape to remove it.

Avoid using fabric softener, or the fabric’s water absorbency will decrease. Soak and wash it intermediately after oily stains can prolong its life cycle. Wash it with a laundry bag when using the washing machine can avoid the zippers being out of shape. Ironing in 100-120 degrees is the most appropriate way to keep the fabric flat.

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